What Should You Eat?

Whoa. We’re here. Today, we’re diving into diet – more specifically WHAT you should be eating. General rules here, but the principles outlined, when applied, should have you in a pretty. Solid. Spot.

All of the information covered in today’s podcast can be found in written form, among many other topics, in my Habits of Health e-book. For $19, you’ll get access to 36 pages of everything I know about optimizing the 23 hours outside of your training through peer-reviewed research, anecdote, and self-experimentation.

If you’re curious about fasting, habits of centenarians, building muscle or losing fat through diet, how to stand, how to breathe, supplements to take, and several other topics condensed into layman’s applicable terms, this is the read for you. Seriously, I did my best to take all the BS internet article jargon out of it to provide you with tangible, practical steps to improve your health. Here’s the link to check it out.