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Training dialed in? Great! Let us help on the nutrition side of performance. Check-ins, free access to Bounce Performance guides and e-books, and accountability!

Nutritional coaching

Eating healthy shouldn't feel like an obstacle, and there's more to food than chicken and rice.
Based on your diet, we'll build you a sustainable plan that seamlessly fits into your life!


Not ready to invest in training? Learn about the Bounce Philosophy through different guides and e-books at a FRACTION of the price!


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Hi, I'm Eric - Founder of Bounce Performance

Online/In-Person Trainer | Body Transformation Coach | Sports Performance Coach

A few years into my sports performance career, I created Bounce Programing. This is the system I used for fitness transformation in myself, as well as athletes and clients I worked with while coaching in the college setting. 

I realized how many lessons could be applied from the athletic populations I coached to the sedentary person who had lost direction or motivation for progressing in their fitness. The three-pronged structure for transformation became clear.

Increased Physical Capacity
Progress your body’s ability to handle greater demands of training and life stress. This is accomplished through structured exercise programming according to your goals of fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance.

Ingrained Habit-Formation
The most important aspect of change is what you do more often than not, AKA habits. This applies to everything in life – fitness is no different. Consistently getting quality sleep, nutrition, and training compounds.

Train twice a week for a year as opposed to going seven days a week for two months, then stopping. 104 sessions versus 60. Consistency over intensity.

Education on Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies
Everyone I work with accepts responsibility for their health, walking away informed and capable of crushing future goals on their own. Nutrition and building in healthy lifestyle change is a massive part of this.

No complexity. No “good” and “bad” foods. Just raw understanding of calories, macronutrients, and what you need to eat to perform at your best. No magic pill, just tried-and-true actions that result in better sleep, energy and alertness.

What Clients Have Achieved with bounce programming

Half-Ironman Training

Reversing Pre-Diabetes

Change Body Composition

Building Foundational Strength

Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Food


How is it possible to accomplish such varying goals?

Bounce Programming is built on a habit-stacking philosophy. Whether your goal is fat loss, increased clubhead speed, or being a fitter, better parent for your children, the same habits of lifestyle apply. Paired with an effective training program, optimizing your 23 hours outside of the gym are where results come. FAST.

What is Bounce Programming?

The Bounce Programming philosophy is incredibly simple. Here’s what you should know:


Focus on the "vital few"

You won’t train hard every day.

Two hours in the gym is unnecessary.

At max, you’ll train hard four days a week. People see life-changing results with two.
Sessions less than one hour. Six exercises or less.


Simple changes compound

Dramatically changing the way you look, feel, and perform doesn’t require drastic changes to your social and family life.

We’ll focus on reprogramming your habits to promote positive changes, thus creating a positive impact on your health. 


Education on how to fuel and recover

Check-ins and educational material included with Bounce Programming provide specific nutrition and lifestyle guidance, putting you in a position of empowerment with your fitness.

Instead of spoon-feeding the plan, my main goal is for you to be confident on your own in fitness pursuits.


come to The realization

You are fully capable of doing this yourself. Whatever “this” is for you. Bounce Programming sets you up for long-term success, not a singular and short-lived transformation.


No quick fixes, just sustainable results.

If you’re looking to lose 50 pounds before that wedding this weekend, I’m not your guy. 

This is not a process we can rush. I will tell you though: after a few weeks of implementing the bounce philosophy, clients are shocked at the differences in their health, performance, and aesthetics… momentum builds quickly!

Take Action with a complimentary discovery call.

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